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Grab a grand at PartyCasino

Sunday, 19 March 2017 11:56 Written by

PartyCasino makes an irresistible proposition to all its existing customers as well as prospective players. There is no shortage of people who gamble here at the time of writing and many more think about joining the crew. The casino always has incentives for these people and they usually come in the form of cash prizes and free spins. Every now and then, they push the envelope by throwing more money into the mix and running more generous promotions.

This is such a time of the year, so if you haven’t signed up for an account yet, don’t postpone it any longer. It’s unlikely to get better terms than this one is, not to mention that there are plenty of bonuses that can be claimed here. Ultimately, players can hope to receive a bonus of €1000 which is paid in cash and comes with no wagering requirements. This is the rare opportunity that online casino players should cherish, as the paycheck comes with no obligations.

What to do to win the $1000 bonus

Don’t assume that you have to jump through hoops to even have a shot at winning this tempting paycheck. It won’t be extremely easy to win it but then again this is something that players who don’t feel a little competition would expect. Furthermore, new players shouldn’t skip stages and instead tried to maximize the return on investment by claiming all bonuses. First things first, the welcome package consists of up to $100 which is easy to claim and redeem.

As for the $1000 promotion, the competition has already started and will conclude at the end of the month. The good news is that we’ve told you about it pretty quickly and you have all the time you need to put yourself in the driver’s seat. There are others competing for this cool cash payout and they will do their best to outshine you. To close the gap separating you from them and have a better chance, you should know that betting larger amounts is the key.

This promotion will come to an end on March 31 and until then you will receive tokens for a raffle whenever you bet €5. If you bet larger amounts, you simply collect more tickets right away and without any delays. This means that players don’t have to worry about making dozens of tiny deposit, just one of tickets in bunches of five at the time. Everything is aimed at making your gaming experience as pleasant as possible and convenience is particularly important.

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