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A daily prize until Christmas at Mr Green Casino

Saturday, 17 December 2016 12:51 Written by

Mr Green Casino has already dressed up as Santa Claus and is anxiously waiting for players to arrive. He has his back full of presence and all he needs is a signal that people are ready to claim these freebies. In order to keep players hooked on this roller coaster of promotions, it will award prizes on a daily basis. This has already started and if you are late to the party, you need not worry. There are plenty of freebies to collect in the remaining days of 2016 and the best prizes will arrive by Christmas.

If you love giving and receiving gifts, then you will surely be excited about what lies ahead. First of all, the emphasis is no longer on slot machines, but the same attention is paid to all genres. In fact, some of the most tempting payouts are the ones up for grabs by roulette players. Rudolph the Reindeer is the mascot of this promotion, one that has a guaranteed prize pool of €30,000. Some winners were already paid, but the biggest draw is scheduled for Monday.

Win a share of the €10,000 prize pool

Winning cash has never been easier for roulette players, since a total of 10 of them are going to receive a share of the guaranteed prize pool. €10,000 will be divided among them and winners will be decided randomly as a result of a raffle being held. Each time players spin the roulette wheel 10 times, they will collect a prize draw and there is no upper limit to these tokens. If you play every day and truly enjoyed this game, you will have significantly more opportunities to win than the next guy.

This promotion will come to a screeching halt on Christmas Day and the most important milestone is the day after tomorrow. The good news is that there are plenty of other raffles to participate in and the total prizes exceed €350,000. Not all the money will be awarded in cash, but players will also have the chance of claiming branded merchandise. There is no shortage of gadgets, ranging from smartphones and tablets to the latest TV sets and other products that will make your Christmas special.

If you are rather interested in playing slot machines, know that a distinct promotion is dedicated to the fan of the genres. They have until the end of December to participate because the next raffle is scheduled for January 5. Participants will have their final chance on January 6, when the fourth and final raffle will take place and winners will be decided.

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A bonus a day keeps bankrupcy away
I think I’m going to spend just as much time playing roulette and slot machines, so I should be eligible for all paychecks.
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