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Mr Green has a Siberian Storm of Prizes

Monday, 03 April 2017 21:35 Written by

Mr Green Casino has more than a few great games to offer but its players tend to focus on the exclusive titles. The Internet is populated by so many games that look and feel similar, that the decision between one or the other is quite difficult. In this particular instance, players are tempted to play a game that can’t be found anywhere else and which goes by the name of Siberian Storm. Another argument in favor of choosing this type is that it is at the cornerstone of a very juicy promotion.

Those who participate in this new campaign should know that 1500 players will receive bonuses that total €15,000. The ratio is not exactly breathtaking especially for those who were hoping to win life-changing amounts. Sometimes the casino tries to make players rich by offering them huge amounts, but this is not the case today. The priority of this campaign is quite different and the goal is to distribute a lot of money to a lot of people.

Siberian Storm is the slot to beat

Mr Green Casino has so many games out there that the decision to choose this particular one might not be self evident. Once players learn a thing or two about the promotions they offer, they will be probably convinced to choose Siberian Storm. The best part about this game is that regardless of the reasons that brought you here, it will grow on you extremely fast. Once players fall in love with the game mechanics and see the reels spinning they are unlikely to look elsewhere for similar slots.

€15,000 can be a good argument if you are the sole winner of this nice amount. On the other hand, when the prize pool is defined among as many as 1500 players, it is easy to realize that the amount from the life-changing. In fact, it is even unlikely for players to regard the winnings as extremely satisfying more meaningful. Despite these apparent shortcomings, the casino is very optimistic about what this promotion will bring and for good reason.

Amateurs will be happy to win amounts ranging from as little as €50 to a maximum of €200 and also free spins. The best case scenario is to join the ranks of 10 big winners and walk away with €200. There are prizes worth €500, €250 and €100, but the best case scenario is to win a trip for 2 to South Kurta in Bali.

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