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Call of the Wild Promo Celebrates Jungle Spirit slot at Ladbrokes Casino

Monday, 20 March 2017 12:19 Written by

Ladbrokes Casino has so many slot machines available, that those who open account here will be overwhelmed by all these choices. Since opening the casino, many of the punters who usually bet exclusively on sports have flocked to this section. This trend is likely to continue, now that so many promotions are running live and they’re not even mutually exclusive. You can sign up for several bonuses simultaneously, assuming you have the time and resources to claim them all.

Whenever a new game is introduced, players also have a shot at claiming free spins. Call of the Wild Promo does exactly that and it celebrates the release of a new NetEnt game. Jungle Spirit slot has all the fun animations that players appreciate so much, as well as 243 winning combinations. When these two things go hand-in-hand and players enjoy a fine looking game that pays well, the attraction is downright irresistible. From the free spins into the mix and you got the perfect recipe for success.

Don’t wait any longer to play

Jungle Spirit slot was released by the software developer at several casinos, but not all of them will have it available at the same time. Ladbrokes Casino is always at the forefront of innovation and it has a special agreement with the game producer. This explains why most of the hottest titles are released here before anywhere else, much to the satisfaction of their players. All those who gamble real cash as well as only commit play money to enjoy slots can spin the reels of this new game.

Even though this is a new slot machine, it has a smooth learning curve and will pose no problems to those who are familiar with this genre. It pays very well and with an average of more than 96% return on investment, you only need to get slightly lucky to emerge victorious. The maximum win consists of 750 coins, or the equivalent of €750 if you bet that much. It carries no progressive jackpot, so don’t assume that the spin of the reels will make you rich overnight.

Ladbrokes Casino will continue to introduce new games as soon as they are released, so if you have an account here the waiting time is greatly reduced. Play Jungle Spirit: The Call of the Wild and unlock the free spins they offer and you can use smartphones and tablets.

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