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Free spins for the weekend at Jetbull Casino

Saturday, 30 December 2017 11:05 Written by

Jetbull Casino knows that every day of the week is special, however players usually preferred to spend more time gambling during the weekend. Even though many people are now on vacation and can take their time with their favorite games from Monday to Friday, the best offers arrive on Saturday. The bottom line is that if you don’t have any plans for the weekend, the casino allows players to sign up for several promotions simultaneously.

At the same time, a new campaign starts on Monday and conclude on Thursday, for players who want to enjoy every day. With hundreds of slots to choose from, players will be rather confronted with the paradox of choice to other than the lack of options. When they play 200 rounds per day the casino will reward them with 10 free spins which will be credited on Saturday. Increase the number to 300 Rounds and will collect 50 free spins, whereas playing 400 rounds results in 100 free spins for the weekend.

The best case scenario is to unlock the maximum 200 free spins but this is reserved to those who feel comfortable playing a minimum of 500 Rounds from Monday to Thursday. Players can choose any of the games available and nothing prevents them from dividing the rounds between several titles. What is essential is for them to send an email to customer support notifying them about their activity.

This is pretty much all that is expected from players, so with a minimal effort, you could claim your share of free spins. Those who have pending bonuses need not to worry because they are allowed to participate in this campaign while clearing their other freebies. There’s no better time to open account at Jetbull Casino and for those who are already members, the time for bonuses is now.

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