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InterCasino makes more big time slot winners

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 11:03 Written by

InterCasino has an entire ecosystem of games to offer and that’s why it is so difficult for some players to choose one game or the other. This decision is not necessary to be made, since the happiest gamblers are those who experience the thrills of different titles. However, only progressive jackpot games present players with a chance of winning a lot of money with a tiny investment. These exercises a special attraction among those who secretly hope to get rich without taking too many chances.

In the wake of someone winning a progressive jackpot, the entire online environment buzzes with enthusiasm. Not so long ago, somebody managed to win such an amount here and this prompted slot machine fans to focus on these games in particular. Not only progressive jackpots are going to change the way you look at these games, but also regular slots which have nonprogressive jackpot. Such a prize was recently won by a lucky player over the weekend and she took home a five digit amount.

Jack and the Beanstalk makes player rich

A lucky InterCasino member of which only goes by the name of Shelagh want €53,000 this September playing the aforementioned video slot. She is not exactly a casual gambler, but rather a savvy player and this is self evident if you check out the betting patterns. The winner was unimpressed by the prospect of losing €90 per spin and this is the amount she bet when she won the prize.

It is only fair to assume that the winner was not extremely surprised to see that she won, but she probably didn’t expect this amount. The video slot has a reputation for offering frequent payouts, but it rarely happens for somebody to win a lot of money with one spin. The walking wilds and scatter symbols to a brilliant job at presenting players with frequent payouts across a broad spectrum of mobile devices.

This is not the only player to win big at InterCasino, as dozens of other players have won five digit amounts in September. Lower prices are claimed even more often so as long as you play here on a daily basis, you are very likely to emerge victorious. The casino pledges never disclosed much sensitive information about winners, so don’t have to worry about your personal data being leaked. They will simply tell players about your success to encourage them to tag along with themselves.

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Progressive or Not, I like
I’m quite happy for the lucky winner and a hope that in a not so distant future, I was playing a progressive or nonprogressive jackpot myself.
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