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InterCasino sends you packing for Malta this summer

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 17:17 Written by

If you haven’t visited Malta so far, you should know that July and August are both great month for going on vacation here. The island is beautiful throughout the year, but this is when the weather is at its finest. Such a trip can be pretty expensive, especially if you want to be hosted at a luxurious hotel. Unfortunately for many of those who gamble over the Internet, booking a flight and paying for the hotel are not real options. InterCasino presents a convenient alternative that is guaranteed to appeal to gamblers.

To start with, this is the latest promotion and one that has started on July 14 and concluding on July 31. Time is always of the essence, but weeks at your disposal, it’s unlikely to run out of time. You just need to make sure you are among those who sign up for this campaign early and start meeting the basic requirements. The idea is to enter the VIP team, as this is mandatory to participate in a campaign that has a first prize is evaluated at €1500.

The casino will pay all your expenses and you don’t have to travel alone, because you get take a friend of your choice. It’s a tempting proposition for anyone who has an account here and should convince prospective customers to join InterCasino. You can spend as much time wagering virtual currency before making a real money deposit. However, with this promotion coming to an end on July 31, you’ve got more reasons to join those who wager real money.

Bask in the sun for three days

Even the best things eventually come to an end, but if you win this promotion, you will have a long weekend to enjoy in Malta. Players are going to travel in August and if they win the Conquer Malta Hospitality Package, money won’t be of the essence. In between however, they need to make a deposit of at least €500 and accumulate at least 20,000 points. These numbers can sound a bit intimidating, but if you pay a closer look at this promotion, it is hardly scary.

Competition will be intense and there are plenty of players who secretly dream about winning the first prize. InterCasino ones to keep things transparent and that’s why the leaderboard is published on the official website. It is also updated on a daily basis, so you can always check it out and see how close you are to claiming the package. If you trail behind, all you need to do is to double your efforts and you’ll be back in the race in no time.

The winner will get the lion’s share, but the second player will collect 75% of the package value and three more players will have to settle for 50% of this amount. All those who finish in top 10 will receive money and the amounts are decreased €100 for the next five players.

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# 0 Pim
Malta, here I come
It’s time for me to pack the backs, because this is one free trip that I definitely want to win.
2016-07-19 17:29 Reply

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