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Hall of Gods sets new record at Gala Casino

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 10:04 Written by

Gala Casino jackpots can make you rich in more than one way but some particular slot stand out from the crowd. It goes by the name of Hall of Gods and it has made so many millionaires over the course of time that everybody knows about it. That’s why, the fact that the seven digit amount is about to be won is not exactly a novelty even for this casino. What makes this occasion special is actually the fact that players can collect as much as €7 million if they win.

The last time somebody won progressive jackpot on a casino that belongs to the NetEnt network was in the final days of May. Since then, nobody managed to win a life-changing amount, yet only two weeks have passed. Back then, €3.3 million were won, an amount that players in comparison with the upcoming jackpot. It is certain that the main winner will walk away with at least €7 million, but the amount can be significantly higher. It all depends on how much time he passed until somebody wins.

A huge progressive jackpot waiting to be won

Hall of Gods is pooled across the entire network of online casinos powered by the Scandinavian software developer. This is the reason for why it currently stands at €7.1 million and is moving upwards, with a good chance to cross the psychological threshold of €7.5 million. The last time somebody won this much money playing one of the progressive jackpot games here happened in October. It was a memorable event for the winning player as well as the casinos, so everyone is anxiously waiting to see what happens next.

Depending on how many people will participate in Gala Casino promotions and how many choose to play the progressive jackpot, the prize could move up faster or slower. The only certainty is the fact that from this day until somebody unlock the winning combination, if you continue to grow and there’s a good chance to set a new record. It is possible to play the progressive jackpot slot on mobile devices as well as all sorts of desktop and laptop computers. Players have exactly the same chance of winning across all these gadgets, so they are never at a disadvantage.

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