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Everest Casino to add new locally won NetEnt Jackpot Slots

Friday, 29 December 2017 16:57 Written by

Everest Casino is the place where players can choose between classic slots, their modern counterparts and everything in between. Table games and video pokers are also present, but the vast majority of the games available belong to the aforementioned genre. In 2017, the most popular games were the ones carrying progressive jackpots and millionaires were made throughout the year. In the wake of all the big prizes being won, players have turned their eye to jackpots that are won locally.

This change of attitude is consistent with the payout up for grabs, since only a couple of seven digit amounts can still be claimed. Many of the jackpots are significantly lower, but the large enough to make the effort worthwhile. The advantage of playing locally won progressive jackpots is that competition is less intense since other casinos are not involved. Players only compete against their peers from Everest Casino, so the odds of striking it rich are significantly higher.

In terms of quality and visual appeal, these slots are every bit as exciting, so there are no painful trade-offs made. These games can also be played on mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets being suitable to open accounts and make deposits. NetEnt jackpots are the most sought after right now and the casino keeps the list of payouts updated. This means that once players check out the jackpots yet to be won, they know right away which are the best paying ones. As a result, they can make an educated decision and focus on the most lucrative games to maximize the return on investment.

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