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Get a mix of free spins and cash at Eurofortune Casino

Saturday, 17 June 2017 17:01 Written by

Eurofortune Casino knows how to surprise players and he does it on almost a daily basis. One of the most effective means to achieve that is by providing all sorts of bonuses, including industry standard ones and exotic rewards. Few online gambling operators send as many players a broad on all paid vacations or provide them with tickets to special events. At the same time, the more common and equally popular bonuses are not neglected, so you can help yourself to a bundle of free spins and cash prizes.

To cut to the chase, we should tell you that the welcome bonus of €300 and the cashback deal is still in effect, but greatly enhanced. These bonuses were enjoyed by tens of thousands of players over the course of time and they are here to stay. For some odd reason, the casino decided to bump the levels of these bonuses, to make them downright irresistible. While the welcome bonus is obviously available only to newcomers, the cashback deals and free spins can be claimed by existing players as well. This means that the playing field was leveled and the number of participants is going to be closed 100%.

Recuperate most of your blackjack losses

The cashback deal is centered on table games in general and blackjack in particular, so don’t waste your time with video pokers or slots. You’d have to make a deposit of at least €25 and then play one of the qualifying games, among the dozen types of blackjack available. Some of them are compatible with real dealers, while some can only be played against the random number generator. The good news is that you can play any of them and still qualify for a reimbursement, assuming you are unlucky enough as to lose.

5% of all the losses suffered by the casino will be refunded promptly, as long as they play a minimum of 20 hands. This is just the smallest percentage guaranteed to be refunded, but one can hope to recuperate as much as 20%. In order to be eligible for a bigger refund, one would have to his or her part and spend more time online actively gambling. Use have to play a minimum of 500 hands to qualify for the maximum reimbursement, but the effort is worth making.

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