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Welcome Spring with a no deposit bonus at Diamond World Casino

Thursday, 16 March 2017 12:43 Written by

Everyone assumes that spring starts on March 1, simply because the calendars say so. Truth be told, worth weather is still far away but the first signs usually arrive around March 15. Diamond World Casino wants to celebrate this season properly and that’s why it’s best promotions starts today. You don’t have to worry about these bonuses expiring at the end of the month, because spring will be around for a long while. At the same time, it makes perfect sense to claim bonuses as soon as they arrive without postponing.

Some of the offers currently available are overlapping, which means that players can hit two birds with one stone with a single deposit. There is even an opportunity to receive money without doing anything in return and a deposit isn’t required. This sounds too good to be true but that’s exactly what the no deposit bonus stands for. The more time they are spend online, the more likely it is for them to experience the thrills of using free money. This is on those rare opportunities, so jump on the bandwagon.

How to claim the no deposit bonus?

This is not rocket science and it makes no difference if you’re a veteran or an absolute beginner. You’ll still have to press the same button that confirms your intention to participate in this promotion. That’s pretty much everything is required on your and, since the casino will transfer the funds to your account shortly after. More bonuses will be awarded to players in the long run, yet these no deposit package has limited time availability.

To put things into perspective, this is not a get rich soon scheme, but a small incentive thing that bringing the smile on the players faces. You will only receive €10, but since this is a no deposit bonus, you can do whatever you want with it. Play slots, use strategy in video pokers or try to beat real dealers at table games. €10 is not a lot of money so it’s very likely that the amount will be extinguished shortly after. Even so, it should give you a sense of what online casino games are and how they are played.

In the fortunate case that players win a lot of money with the €10 no deposit bonus, they won’t have to worry about their profits. These are theirs to keep and whatever they feel like it with the money they made. This is the best case scenario, but even those who are less fortunate will still appreciate the convenience of trying games on real cash before they make a deposit.

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