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Go to Dubai with Cool Cat Casino

Monday, 05 June 2017 20:35 Written by

Cool Cat Casino knows that summer is about to start and wants you to have as much fun as possible in the upcoming months. There are plenty of great destinations for those interested in traveling abroad and Dubai stands out from the crowd. Granted it can be a little hall outside during this time of the year, there are plenty of great things to do and see indoors. Regardless of how you plan on spending your vacation in the Emirates you can expect to have a lot of fun.

In order to win flights tickets and accommodation in this glamorous city, you should participate in their latest promotion. It is reserved to table games fans in general and roulette aficionados in particular, but you need to act quickly. That’s because the campaign will come to an end on Sunday at midnight and most players have already jumped on the bandwagon. The good news is that newcomers qualify as well and even if you start playing today you still have a good chance of emerging victorious.

Back, earn points and win the raffle

Each time players wager in increments of €20, they will receive points for the upcoming raffle and increase their chances to win. There are plenty of types of roulette that qualify for this promotion, so you are not stop with a single table game. Cool Cat Casino has all these games compatible with real dealers and you can play on your smart phone or tablet if you prefer it that way. It makes no difference if you stick to a desktop computer or laptop, just make sure you back at least €20.

This promotion is very transparent and a quick glance at the leaderboard will reveal the position of participating players. You will know for sure whether you are ahead or behind, so you can consolidate your lead or double your efforts. The most successful players will win the all paid vacation next week when the raffle takes place. Winners will be promptly notified by the casino, so there’s no chance for them to miss out on anything relevant.

There are also great cash prizes, amazing gadgets to collect and plenty of other incentives for participating players. Last but definitely not least, you can choose the cash alternative assuming you can’t travel abroad during this time of the year.

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