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CasinoFloor Promotions

Promos and free spins at CasinoFloor

Friday, 24 February 2017 17:26 Written by
CasinoFloor continues to dazzle players with bonuses that can only be found that some of the leading operators. The best part is that they go beyond imitation and won’t settle for replicating the promos found elsewhere. At the end of the day, players enjoy the best of both worlds, since they can spin the reels of great games and claim bonuses. Even those who have accounts elsewhere will notice that the promotions here are unique and easy to get immersed…

Big Catch Promos at CasinoFloor

Thursday, 02 February 2017 00:13 Written by Florin Paguba
CasinoFloor will have players jumping for joy in 2017, as it unveils its latest promotions. Building on the popularity of the offers that caught everyone’s eye in 2016, the casino has similar freebies and even better ones. Many of the bonuses revolve around selected slot machines and players are supposed to focus entirely on these games. They can do it by playing on mobile devices, if they want to take some time off from their desktop computers and stay on…

Christmas Online Bonuses At CasinoFloor

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 17:48 Written by Florin Paguba
CasinoFloor comes with a bag full of surprises and so many bonuses that players won’t know where to start. That’s why, it is recommended to take it one step at a time and try to secure the bonuses within reach. There will be plenty of such opportunities, so just make sure you are among those who allocate enough time to online gambling. It’s going to be a fun ride because with so many games to choose from, you’ll be spending…

Discover the social aspect of Casino Floor

Sunday, 20 November 2016 22:38 Written by Florin Paguba
Casino Floor is very proud of its special offers and has bonuses that keep players at the edge of their seats. These are the kind of incentives and the entire gambling community is using year after year with great success. Without deviating from course and trying to maintain the same high standards, the casino is also contemplating you possibilities. One of its top concerns is to make the gaming environment as pleasant as possible and that’s why the social aspect…

CasinoFloor has new offers for highrollers

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 12:45 Written by Florin Paguba
CasinoFloor is a gambling operator that makes no secret of its intention to re-create the atmosphere of luxurious brick-and-mortar casinos. Even the name indicates there propensity for Glamour, so it was only natural for high rollers to enjoy preferential treatment here. The challenge that all online casinos face is to convince players that they offer the kind of product that would make them the perfect fit for prospective players. The recipe for success usually includes great games, bonuses and fast…

Go from CasinoFloor to Oktoberfest this month

Monday, 12 September 2016 22:33 Written by Florin Paguba
If you haven’t been to Oktoberfest before, then you should definitely added to your wish list, because this is not something you want to miss. The celebration of German tradition, beer and customs doesn’t start in October as the name might suggest. In fact the fans can already participate in this celebration at the end of September and time is quickly running out. Where almost half way through with this month, so if you have plans to be in Munich…

Casino Floor invites you to join the VIP Club

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 10:59 Written by Florin Paguba
Casino Floor has worked hard to convince players that perseverance goes a long way in the world of online gambling. There are plenty of players willing to give up after the first attempts, especially if things don’t go their way. It is human nature to find the easiest way to victory, but sometimes it is worth keeping it up even when struggling. There are plenty of promotions that result in easy bonuses here, but the best rewards come to those…

CasinoFloor free spins and mini games on two slots

Sunday, 26 June 2016 11:05 Written by Florin Paguba
Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2016. Only time will tell whether all this hype is justified, or if there are better slot machines out there. What makes this game special is that for some all the reason, the developers found it worthwhile to invest a lot of time and money into advertising it. Many online casinos including CasinoFloor jumped on the bandwagon and announce their players at promotions are in order…