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Blackjack and Slots pay well at Casino Room

Monday, 13 March 2017 01:15 Written by

Casino Room has so many free spins to offer that you might think that Christmas has arrived once again. That’s because it’s during this time of the year that online casinos tend to get this generous for no obvious reason. In fact, there preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, while also trying to make this month of March as good as possible. They largely succeed and that’s because they know exactly what players are hoping for and don’t hesitate to offer precisely that.

Instead of channeling all their attention on a particular genre, casino representatives are trying to hit two birds with one stone. This is usually a bold attempt that can backfire but not if you do everything by the book, something that they are clearly to win. To be more precise, they run two existing promotions, one aimed that slot machines and the other at table games. In the great scheme of things, they are part of the same big campaign aimed that celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Unlock free spins and play a new slot

It’s a Kind of Magic is the name of the new slot machine available at Casino Room and produced by NetEnt. The software developer is very proud of its achievement and for good reason since this game is a great looking ones. Multiple winning combinations and dazzling graphics make it a great choice for those who want to play on mobile devices. Since it was chosen for the new campaign, this is the game to play if you want to benefit from all the free spins they offer.

Compared to other campaigns this is rather original, since players receive free spins in the form of consolation prizes. They collect more bonus rounds if they end up losing cash, so players have a chance to mitigate their losses. The maximum number of free spins that one can collect is limited to 50 but there are plenty of smaller bundles before you get there. Players have a second chance and the safety net is in place to catch them if they fall somewhere down the road.

Meanwhile, the other promotion is aimed at the fans of table games with the emphasis on blackjack. Both campaigns start on March 13 and will conclude on Friday, so the window of opportunity is relatively narrow. Those who choose to play blackjack will be reimbursed up to 20% of the amount they lose and the upper limit is remarkably high. This means that highrollers and veterans are unlikely to lose too much money even if luck deserts them altogether.

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