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Casino Plex Free Spins & Free Chips

CasinoPlex has daily bonuses for its members

Sunday, 12 March 2017 12:25 Written by
CasinoPlex has your back once again with promotions that are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. The ongoing campaigns are the ones that represent the bedrock of their success, but the casino has no intention to dwell exclusively on their popularity. Granted the vast majority of players love these campaigns above everything else, there are plenty of other bonuses were considered. Recently, they have turned their attention to promotions that rewards players who go online and gamble on a…

Casino Plex offers Dead or Alive Free Spins

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:51 Written by
Dead or Alive is a very popular videogame series, but also a slot machine that has plenty of fans online. Some of them have played both games, yet the bonuses are only available online at selected casinos. Casino Plex is such a place and it has a propensity for offering free spins to those who join and play the latest additions. This approach has the merit of hitting two birds with one stone, since the customer base grows and players…

Chase high paying slots at Casino Plex

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 15:56 Written by
Casino Plex is gradually expanding its collection of games, something it’s been doing for several years now. Instead of adding dozens of games in prayer batches, the casino operator would rather grow the assortment of games organically. This month is special because several games will be unveiled over the next couple of weeks. Players are enthusiastic about the new opportunities and fans of the genre are expected to spend some quality time spinning their reels. As they chase these high…

Casino Plex adds a new slot before release date

Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:14 Written by
2016 was a great year for Casino Plex and especially for its players. These were the main beneficiaries of the fact that the gambling operator founded worthwhile to rapidly expand its collection of games. Many of the new additions walk in the footsteps of existing titles, so there is a sense of continuity. At the same time, by working with more software developers, they were able to introduce new and original games. Netent remains the main provider of slots and…

Casino Plex makes this weekend memorable

Sunday, 09 October 2016 07:30 Written by
Casino Plex has you covered this weekend and also has a plan for you if you play the long game. These promotions are current and will continue throughout the remaining months of 2016. They build on the popularity of previous campaigns and try to meet gamblers half way. It is no longer a surprise that people tend to spend more time online over the weekend, because this is when they have more time to spend. That’s why the best bonuses…
Microgaming has greatly expanded its network of casinos over the last couple of years. While doing so, it maintained the high standards, so only the best operators are admitted in their selected group. Casino Plex is one of them and for good reason, because the gambling operator is one of the most respectable out there. Those who have an account here will find these comments reassuring, but they have even more reasons to celebrate. Not only will they enjoy immediate…