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Enter the money vault at Casino777

Friday, 17 February 2017 10:04 Written by

Casino777 is not designed as a fortress, in fact it is quite the opposite. When you land on the website, you will find that mitigation is a breeze and you have so many options at your disposal. The only decision you need to make is between the games offer and all of them promise to be just as fun. Having said this, their promotions are intentionally designed in such a way as to entice players and capture the imagination. For the casino is equally important to lavishly rewarded players and keep them entertained all the time.

That’s why the recent campaign is built around an interesting premise, of players trying to unlock the Money Vault. Its name indicates the fact that an important treasure lies inside, so it’s definitely worth trying to find the right combination. It can take a while to do it and there are plenty of other players who tried to do the same, but in the end it will be worth the effort. You can participate in this campaign even if you have other bonuses pending, so no further restrictions apply.

Gain access to a vault full of money

The only thing standing between you and the considerable amount of cash is the dreaded safe code. Don’t waste any precious time and try to crack the code by entering your lucky numbers on a daily basis. To take part in this promotion is as easy as it takes, with players being supposed to deposit €25. Such an investment will grant them the chance of entering one set of numbers and then hope for the best. To improve your chances, you need to have more attempts at opening the safe, so bigger deposits are needed.

The best part is that Casino777 will automatically calculate the number of chances you have based on the deposit, so you can make one large investment. Overall, there are 7 numbers ranging from 0 to 9 and this amounts to 9,999,999 possible combinations. The numbers are daunting but if you persevere and keep playing, you have the chance to emerge victorious. If you are successful in your attempt, then you will walk away with the main prize worth €25,000.

Anyone can participate and all deposits are considered, so even now someone is trying to crack the safe. There are thousands of people doing this 24/7, so make sure you are not lagging behind. The moment somebody opens the Money vault, the prize will be collected by the lucky winner. It will be divided equally with €12,500 being offered in cash and the other half as bonus funds. These are restricted until the 30 times wagering requirements have been met but that shouldn’t take too long.

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