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Break the Bonus Bank Vault at Casino777

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 10:09 Written by

Casino777 has some of the most exciting promotions and those who take part, can confirm the fact that they are also very immersive. Participants feel like you’re a part of something meaningful and even when they don’t walk away with prizes, they are still entertained. The best part is that the winning requirements are so easy to meet that the vast majority of those who sign up claim a bonus, even if it’s a small one. Right now, the casino has an irresistible offer to make with a huge guaranteed prize pool.

This new promotion is centered on a leaderboard that players climb as they tried to reach the summit. A total of €400,000 will be divided among the most successful players, so they deeper the run, the better the rewards. It can take a while to unlock all the bonuses but since they are granted incrementally, players enjoy something that resembles immediate gratification. It’s easy to monitor your progress, since this campaign is a very colorful one and the progress bar loads quickly.

Chase a six digit amount on mobile devices

The advent of smartphones and tablets has pushed online gaming to new highs and the players are the main beneficiaries of this program. It comes as no surprise that Casino777 was among the first to tap into its immense potential and is still riding the trend. When you sign up for this promotion and start making the first steps towards the summit, you can use your mobile device of choice. The casino’s top bonanza is going to leave players speechless, but even the consolation prizes are pretty good. The best part is that players lock in on their profits gradually, so there are certain not to walk away empty-handed.

There also random bonuses awarded to participants regardless of their performance. This means that even if you struggle early on and find it impossible to catch up with the leading pack, you still have a second chance. It looks like the casino has thought of 50 much everything and this promotion is a shining example of how generous they usually are. Last but not least, remember that you can play the games straight in the browser without the need of downloading anything in advance.

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