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Bling City Promotions

Bling City Casino is offering bonuses in many forms and all that players need to do is to extend their arm and claim them. It’s not much of an effort and in most cases, players don’t even have to diverge from their everyday routine. What’s expected from them is to play by the rules and respect the terms and conditions of various promotions. The thing is that most online casinos will have steep wagering requirements whenever they offer cash for…

Valentine’s Day at Bling City Casino is Fun

Sunday, 19 February 2017 11:56 Written by
Bling City Casino has always had a soft spot for those wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly. It also has the resources needed to provide its players with access to the latest games, thanks to the partnerships with leading software developers. Another thing that differentiates this casino from other operators is the attention to details and special occasions. Valentine’s Day is not going to go by without the unveiling of a new promotion and right now players can choose between…

Bling City Casino has daily bonuses for its players

Saturday, 21 January 2017 11:52 Written by
Bling City Casino players frequently take some time off to enjoy the games, even during busy weekdays. However, they have more time when Friday comes around and this is when most of them double their efforts. This is not a singular event, but something that happens at the vast majority of online casinos and for good reason. Gambling operators have promptly responded to this reality and that’s why so many promotions begin on Friday and conclude on Sunday at midnight.…

New and Improved bonus deal at Bling City Casino

Friday, 30 December 2016 12:22 Written by
Bling City Casino has always had bonuses that were better than the industry average but things just took a turn for the better. The casino is trying to exceed expectations once again and on this particular occasion has new bonuses for newcomers. This is always the aspect that online gambling operators try to improve, in order to expand their customer base. Don’t be disappointed if you already have an account here because there will be freebies for you as well.…

Tasty Cashback Bonus at Bling City casino

Monday, 01 August 2016 14:31 Written by
Bling City casino is trying really hard to provide players with promotions that are not only generous, but also appealing. The name chosen means a great deal and when the decision is right, players flock to those special campaigns. The numbers however speak for themselves and the latest refund available surpasses even the wildest expectations. This casino has been diligently trying to attract more highrollers and their latest promotion conference their commitment. To claim a bonus here, you would have…