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Bet365 Casino starts the Red Letter Monday campaign

Sunday, 18 June 2017 10:45 Written by

Bet365 Casino has so many promotions running live at the same time, one can have a difficult time choosing the best offers. It goes without saying that there is nothing wrong in signing up for multiple promotions, especially when they are not mutually exclusive. The best campaigns start on Friday and conclude on Sunday at midnight, when players have more time at their disposal. While weekend promotions are here to stay, players will have good reasons to be active from Monday to Friday.

Right now, a new campaign is available and it goes by the name of Red Letter Monday. It speaks for itself and those who play on the first they of the week are going to be the recipients of some cool bonuses. You might claim free spins, cash prizes and sometimes a mix of them, so it’s going to be twice as exciting as usually. By staking €10 or more, you become eligible for the bonuses and you can collect plenty of them throughout the month of June. There is a strong possibility that these popular promotion will be extended in July, but this is not a risk that players want to take.

Claim your juicy payouts every Monday

Red Letter Monday is a recurrent promotion at Bet365 Casino, so players can claim bonuses every single week until the end of the month. If the promotion is extended in July, then the bonuses will continue as well, but players should take it one step at a time. They should begin by staking €10 and then increase the amount of €50 and then more until the end of the month. There is also a draw at the end of the promotion, so players can collect an additional €50. In a nutshell, this promotion is an eclectic mix of luck and skill, as you can take your fortune in your own hands, while also win something extra if you get lucky.

The casino has a flawless track record and an amazing reputation it comes to paying its winners on time and in full. As long as you play by the rules, don’t open multiple accounts and do everything in your power to qualify for the bonuses, you will enjoy the time spent here. Feel free to sign up for other promotions running in parallel, because there are no restrictions that apply at the time of writing.

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