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The 1st of the month is Big at 888Casino

Saturday, 03 December 2016 19:32 Written by

888Casino has plenty of promotions for Christmas, but doesn’t want you to waste your time waiting for the winter holidays. There is enough time to claim all these bonuses and freebies, but right now you need to focus on the task at hand. This consists of making the most of the opportunities that the casino has unveiled in the first week of December, including the opening promotion. As always, they want players to make the most of the first of the month campaign, a recurrent and very popular offer.

Both new and existing customers are going to be eligible for a couple of bonuses that are truly generous. You don’t need to have a lot of money to claim the freebies, in fact, players are not even supposed to make a single deposit. Whether you have cash in your online account or it is depleted and waiting for reload, you will be in line for a paycheck. Make sure you don’t delay enrollment too much because time is of the essence and this promotion will expire this weekend.

Get a share of faith generous new month bonus

888Casino didn’t think too long about how much money should be offered to those who participate in this campaign. €888 or currency equivalent is a fine number and it has a special resonance that players are guaranteed to appreciate. You can get a share of this prize pool for simply logging into your account on the first day of December. It’s as easy as that and winners will be randomly selected, so everybody has exactly the same chance.

This is the month to be more generous and that’s why the casino has expanded its campaign to include a couple of days more. The entire weekend is special in December because you can win a prize for simply logging in on any of these days. We’re already half way through with this campaign and if you don’t act quickly, you will miss out on a great opportunity.

Most players are going to collect a bonus of no more than 8 euros, as 20 such payouts are available. For winners will walk away with €88 and two more will grab a not so negligible €188 bonus. Simple math will highlight the fact that if you combine all these payouts, you will come across the total amount offered. Online promotions don’t really get any simpler than this, so even if you are an amateur with very little knowledge about online casinos, you will appreciate its terms.

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# 0 Andreea
I'm going to claim this one
I think I locked in on bonuses every month at 888Casino, but so far I didn’t win any of these first of the month bonuses.
2016-12-03 19:43 Reply

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