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Scratch to Win at 7 Kasino this Week

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 12:40 Written by

7 Kasino has made giant leaps forward in 2017 and has high expectations for the upcoming year. 2018 started on a positive note because players are already eligible for a great bonus. The guaranteed prize pool consists of €400,000 worth of instant prizes and they include everything from free spins to cash and other juicy bonuses. You don’t even need to go out of your way and play games you don’t understand or don’t like necessarily. That’s because the casino will allow you to focus on your game of choice.

The first step is obviously to sign up for this campaign and express your willingness to participate. Once you become a member of this casino, you will discover with satisfaction that there are plenty of other eye-catching games. As for the instant prizes, they will be unlocked in a very interactive way as players receive one of 60 scratch cards. Each of them has guaranteed prizes, so it is virtually impossible to walk away empty-handed. It’s entirely up to lady luck how much money you get.

The first casino prizes were first awarded in the final week of 2017, but the plan is to dish them out this January. There’s still plenty of time left to be part of this campaign but don’t postpone enrollment. That’s because every day somebody claims one of the many prizes and fewer are left as the deadline draws near. Use this opportunity to explore the entire collection of games and experiment with different titles. Don’t forget about making the minimum deposit either and log into your account daily.

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