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Be the Free Bet Champion at Sky Vegas Casino

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 11:30 Written by

Sky Vegas Casino has been at the forefront of generous promotions in 2015 and January was a great month as well for those who have an account with this operator. February promises to be just as exciting and the gambling operator is covering sports events as well as poker and casino games. Not surprisingly one of the most generous campaigns is actually a mix of offers that should appeal to both punters and veterans of table games and slot machines.

PSG and Chelsea are going to play together and Barcelona takes on Arsenal in some of the most exciting games of the elimination round. That’s why the number of casino fans betting on football is on the rise, but the same goes the other way around. There is no better way to showcase your passion for one team or the other while playing slot machines then by participating in this new promotion.

At its cornerstone is a prize of €25 which is awarded the form of a free bet to all those who participate in live blackjack games. The connection between this table game and sports betting is pretty simple, because Golden cards are hidden in blackjack decks. Only the games played against real dealers qualify, so don’t expect one of these gold cards when you play with the random number generator. Each free bet is worth €25 and it can be used on any of the Champions league games, not only the ones mentioned above.

The combination between blackjack and sports betting is expected to grow on people and players are expected to stick to both genres after this promotion comes to an end. Aching of which, you need to channel your energy and focus your attention on the games running between 8 PM and 11 PM on Monday and Tuesday. These are the only two days of the week when you can participate, so do yourself a favor and start the week on the right foot.

The gold cards are going to be in the live blackjack decks throughout February, so if you missed out on the previous opportunities, be active in the final two weeks. Only live blackjack tables qualify, so players should shift from their regular games to these ones while this campaign is still active. If you bet outside the promotional hours, don’t expect to unlock gold cards, but the games promise to be just as exciting.

Competition never cools down at live blackjack tables and you can compete against highly trained dealers, as well as your counterparts. There are even tournaments that will reward those who managed to stay alive in the race longer than other players, so there are several ways of winning. In addition to the general terms and conditions, players will also get familiar with the special ones, such as those rules that define qualifying hands and void ones.

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